Κανόνες Double Hold 'em Poker

Πώς να παίξετε Double Hold'em



What a complicated name! Don't worry, Poker is poker! If you know how to play Poker, you won't have a problem with Double Hold 'em! If you know how to play Texas Hold 'em, you really shouldn't have any problem coming to grips with Double Hold 'em!

How to play

Similar in practice to Hold 'em, but there are two simultaneous boards in play in any one game. Each player is dealt two hole cards and then the flop is dealt followed by the turn and the river at the same time on each board (the sequence doesn't change). Each board will still have five cards and you'll always have two hole cards in your hand, just like in a standard Hold'em game! So the hardest part of the game is keeping an eye on both boards.

Beware! Don't signal which board you're playing until the river card is dealt and players turn over their cards.

It's up to the players to decide amongst themselves whether the winner of each board splits the pot (takes half of it) or the best hand using both boards takes down the entire pot.

Remember — you can't mix and match, meaning you cannot use a combination of board cards from board 1 and 2 to make a hand.

The goal of the game is for players to put together the best hand on each independent board.

Double Texas Hold'em Poker Rules