Κανόνες Enchanted Woods

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A forest-themed slot machine, full of characters from your favourite tales, like fairies and gnomes! Pull the lever and enter a world of wonder!

How to play

Place your bet, that is, the coins that you will get paid when you win. When you click "Play", the images will start spinning. Your goal is to stop the images and make them line up in every row. If you do that, you'll get a prize determined by the images you lined up. You can press on "Open Prize Table" to check the prices you'll get for every image you line up. Try and line up those 7-leaf clovers — they give the biggest amount of points!

But that's not all! You can press on "Open Bonus Game" for a bonus round. Use it to get even more rewards, but careful, since it can be real brain teasers!

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