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If you are a board game lover, you’re in the perfect place. Torofun offers you a wide variety of fun and exciting online board games to enjoy online. Whether you prefer classic board games or are looking for new experiences, our board game subcategories have everything you need for hours of fun.

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Free online board games on Torofun

At Torofun, we know that fun is priceless. That’s why we offer the opportunity to play online board games for free, without having to register. The excitement of board games is at your fingertips!

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Don't miss a single detail of the Board Games on Torofun. Get ready to enjoy Draughts and all its different variants, Backgammon, Dominoes and Parcheesi and more!

Variety of online board games

Our catalogue of online board games includes everything from strategy games like Backgammon to classics like Spanish Draughts, International Draughts, Italian Draughts and Russian Draughts.  We also offer games like Dominoes and its express version, Dominoes Express, Classic Parcheesi, ExpressParcheesi and Pool Checkers. Each game has its own unique essence and challenges.

Variety of online board games
Online board games for free and with friends
Interact With Others and Have Fun in Our Online Board Games

Find your favourite board game on Torofun

Whether you like card games, strategy games or classic games, at Torofun we have board games to suit all tastes. Join us and discover the excitement of online board games with friends and rivals around the world.

Find your favourite board game on Torofun


On Torofun, we offer a wide variety of online board games. You can enjoy classics such as Backgammon, Spanish Checkers, International Checkers, Italian Checkers, Russian Checkers, Dominoes, Dominoes Express, Classic Parchís, Parchís Express and Pool Checkers. Also, we have games like Chinchón, Buraco, Belote, Continental Rummy, Mus, Pocha, Rummy, Truco and Uno. There are options for all tastes!

Of course! At Torofun, you can play online board games with your friends and challenge them no matter how far apart you are. The enjoyment is multiplied when you play with your loved ones online.

It’s not necessary to sign up. At Torofun, we offer you the opportunity to play online board games for free and without having to register. Although, if you sign up, you will unlock resources like longer play time and the option to personalise your avatar.

Yes, in lots of our online board games you can interact with your opponents through the live chat. This allows you to talk about the game, strategies or any other interesting topic. The fun is not only limited to playing the games, but also to social interaction!

Torofun is suited to players of all ages. There’s no age limit for enjoying our online board games. Both youngsters and adults can join and play.

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