American Roulette

American Roulette is a variant of the gambling game typical in casinos, named after the French word roulette, meaning "little wheel".

Ancient Egypt

An Egypt-themed slot machine! Match up the Egyptian symbols to claim your prize and become as rich as a pharaoh! Ready to pull the lever?

Animal Kingdom

An animal-themed slot machine! Line up those cute animals to claim your prize and become and become the king of the jungle!


One of the oldest board games... that doesn't mean it's not a blast! Face your opponent with your pieces and push your luck with the dice!


A 32-cards game, one of the most popular games in Europe, and the national card game of France, both for competitive and casual play.

Bingo Fun

Looking for fun? Then you're looking for Bingo Fun! A game of chance with 90 numbered balls. It's time to sit down and have a ball!


No one knows where Blackjack came from... just that it started as a game called “La veintiuna”. Spooky! Use cards to reach 21 points!

Blackjack Deluxe

It's Blackjack — but in premium version! No one knows where Blackjack came from... just that it started as a game called “La veintiuna”.


Bonolotto games are called by many different names across the world, but they all have something in common: they're all a blast to play!


A popular Spanish card game played with two teams of four or six people: here we go big or we go broke! Take your team and aim for riches!


Buraco means hole in Portuguese... but what's relevant is how fun this game is! Lay down your cards and beat your opponents!


A high-stakes matching card game played in many Spanish speaking countries, Chinchón will have you duking it out with 40 or 48 card decks!

Classic Parcheesi

Choose your colour in this classic board game: Parcheesi. Move around the colourful board and try to take down your rivals' home bases!

Coins Raider

This game is a “Coin pusher”, a very popular genre. Theese are games with simple mechanics, ones that require more skill than luck.

Crazy Sevens

A slot machine where you try to gather 7s. 7s is what you want to line-up — you know, the lucky number! Just pull the lever and have fun!


Dominoes is a high-stakes board game where you'll use rectangular tiles called "Dominoes". Line them up and become a champion!

Double Hold 'em Poker

What a complicated name! Don't worry, Poker is poker! If you know how to play Poker, you won't have a problem with Double Hold 'em!

Enchanted Woods

A forest-themed slot machine, full of characters from your favourite tales, like fairies and gnomes! Enter a world of wonder!


Escoba, Scopa or Broom. However you wanna call it, this game is always one thing: fun! Sweep away all cards and become the winner!

European Roulette

Roulette is a gambling game typical in the casinos, named after the French word roulette, meaning "little wheel". Cute, tiny wheel.

Express Dominoes

Dominoes is a high-stakes board game where you'll use rectangular tiles called "Dominoes". Line them up and become a champion!

Express Parcheesi

Your favourite colourful board game... but Express! Pick a colour a dash to victory with Express Parcheesi! Are you fast enough to win?

Fortune Cookies

You know about fortune cookies, right? Those cookies you get after eating Chinese dishes? Well, here's a game about them! It's delicious!

Greek Hold 'em Poker

We're going Greek! Greek Holdem mixes the rules of Texas Hold 'em and Omaha Hold 'em, so you know you're in for a treat!

International Draughts

International Draughts is a strategy board game with many different game, but they all have something in common: it's a blast to play!

Italian Draughts

Mamma mia! Here comes the Italian version of Draughts, with many more pieces and chances to show off your strategies!

Joker Masters

A slot machine themed after poker cards — get those jokers and become the best card player ever! The joke's on you, card master!


Lottery is game where you draw numbers at random for a prize. If the numbers that come out are the same as the ones you wrote, you win!

Millionaires Bonolotto

It's the Bonolotto, but with higher stakes: now you're playing with millions, making the game even more exciting to play!

Millionaires Lottery

Who wouldn't want to be a millionarie? Having enough money to buy anything you want? Live off that dream with Millionaries Lottery!


Mus is a card game dating back more than 200 years. It is played between two pairs of players using a Spanish deck.

No River Hold 'em Poker

No River Hold 'em is one of the most strategic and exciting Hold 'em variants there is. A challenging but rewarding game awaits you!

Omaha Hold 'em Poker

Omaha Holdem, or Omaha as it's known to its friends, is an addictive four card game where you only use two of them! Challenge accepted!

Pirate Scratchcard

A game of luck in which you help a pirate find their treasure map! Ahoy, matey, ye be lookin' fer treasure! Be ready for some sailing!


Take your oros (golden coins), copas (glasses), espadas (swords) and bastos (sticks) in this high-stakes Spanish card game!

Poker Masters Classics

Poker Masters Classics is a Cover play or 5-card draw Poker, and it's the grandad of all the other variants of Poker.

Poker Masters Classics Deluxe

Poker Masters Classics Deluxe is a Cover play or 5 cards draw Poker. This deluxe edition is for pros only, but the pay off is much bigger!

Pool Checkers

Simple yet addictive! American Pool checkers, also called "American Pool", is a variant of draughts, the British name for checkers.

Roulette Fun

Time to have a blast with Roulette Fun, a game derived from the french word meaning "little wheel". Spin and win some coins, mon chéri!


Prove your skill by matching cards of the same rank/sequence and suit in this addictive game of Rummy, guaranteed to give you some fun!

Russian Draughts

A new form of draughts played in Russia (surprising, we know!). Get ready for an intense, cold battle like the ones you find in Tetris!

Six-Plus Hold 'em Poker

Prove you're any good at building decks with this poker game — make the best five card poker hand from any combination of seven cards!

Space Bingo

It's Bingo... in space! Bingo is the same old game... But, this time, you'll be floating around while you play! Isn't that exciting?

Spanish Draughts

Spanish Draughts is an exciting variant of checkers where players move using a 64-squares checkerboard. This game is something special!

Super Fruits

A fruit-themed slot machine — low on pulp, but full of Vitamin C! Dive into the delicious world of fruit with this refreshing game!

Texas Hold 'em Poker

One of the most popular forms of poker, Texas Holdem rose to stardom to become a cultural phenomenon. Are you ready to be the best?

The Mummy Bingo

Rise up to play Bingo, a game of chance for a single person that is played with 90 numbered balls! This time, with mommies from Egypt!

Torofun Slot

Time to experience the joys of Torofun's own slot machine! Instead of other boring images, this one features images from Torofun!


A team-based card game for two, four or six players! Take control of your team, go for the win with your cards and get those coins home!


Tute is a trick-taking card game of the Ace-Ten family for two to four players. Jump into one of the most popular card games in Europe!


Uno is a fast-paced addictive game where players will fight to get rid of all of their cards before their rivals. Will you be fast enough?

Video Bingo

Bingo is a game of chance that's played with 90 numbered balls. The player can have between one and four cards for the player.

Western Scratchcard

A game of luck in which you try to defeat and apprehend a band of outlaws! Place bombs in barrels to get the bad guys out! BOOM!

Witch Lottery

The witch is holding a lottery — will you be the lucky one that'll get the prize? Enter your five-digit number and try your luck!