Rules of The Mummy Bingo

How to play The Mummy Bingo



Rise up to play Bingo, a game of chance for a single person that is played with 90 numbered balls! But, this time, with mommies from Egypt! The player can have between one and four cards. Each bingo card has 15 numbers divided into 3 lines with 5 numbers each. The objective of the game is to mark the numbers on the card as the balls are taken out from the drum and to be the first to complete one of the winning plays.

How to play

You need to buy at least one card to start playing. Take a look at the balls that appear... if you find the Eye of Rah, you gain access to the treasure chamber.

Once the game begins the numbered balls will appear consecutively. If any of the displayed numbers match any number on the cards, it will be automatically marked.

The cards will be coloured based on the missing numbers to reach a winning play. Green means that 3 numbers are missing, yellow means that 2 numbers are missing and red just one.

How to play bingo
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