Rules of Spanish Draughts

How to play Spanish Draughts



Spanish Draughts is an exciting variant of checkers where players move using a 64-squares checkerboard. This game is something special! Just like in the other variants, Spanish checkers is played using only the dark squares of the board. Each player is given 12 checkers pieces to use in the game.


Players of Spanish checkers should aim to trap their opponents, leaving them with no way to move. You can also win by capturing all of your opponent's pieces.

How to play

Checkers pieces in this variation move diagonally either to the right or to the left. You can take or capture an opposing piece if your piece can jump over another piece. If there's an opportunity for you to jump over your opponent's pieces, you have to do it even if it puts you at a disadvantage. A piece that has been promoted to a king has the power to move backwards and forward in several squares in a single time. Hence, a king in Spanish checkers will allow you to capture several opposing pieces at one time.

Spanish Draughts Rules
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