Frequently asked questions about games

Can I play for free?

At Torofun you can play most of our online games for free, except for bingo, where you have to buy tickets with Toros, and social casino games, where you have to place a Toros bet to play.

What is betting for?

In most of our games you can choose to play for free or bet Toros. If you play for free you will not win any Toros if you win the game, but if you wager and win the game you will receive a multiple of the Toros wagered depending on your experience level, your membership type (basic or VIP), and current promotions. In most games the minimum bet is 100 Toros. In casino and social bingo games, bets usually start at 20 Toros.

If I leave a game before it ends, do I lose Toros?

If you decide to leave a game before it ends you will forfeit any Toros wagered or invested in purchasing bingo tickets in that game. If you were playing for free, you won't lose any Toros.

If there are connection problems during a game, do I lose the Toros I have invested?

If the game is interrupted due to technical problems on our platform, the Toros you invested in the game in progress will be refunded to your account immediately and you will receive an information message.

What is a room?

Rooms are created by users for playing a certain game and you can join the room to play. Each room has certain variables to be configured when creating it (number of players, minimum stake, length of turns, settings, etc.).

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