Rules of Witch Lottery

How to play Witch Lottery



The witch is holding a lottery — will you be the lucky one that'll get the prize? Just enter your five-digit number and try your luck!

How to play

You'll have to select a five-digit number for your ticket to enter the draw. After that, it's all about luck. But don't worry, this isn't an evil witch, but a good one — you have good chances of winning! You'll even get to see what the last winning number was through the convenient tab on the upper right corner aptly titled "Past Winners". Not only that, the last winning number is displayed up and center so you can remember that winning is possible... you just have to get along with the witch! The jackpot (the prize if you get the correct number) is 1,000,000 chips. Wow, that's a lot of candy!

Lottery Rules