Rules of Poker Master Classic Deluxe

How to play Poker Masters Classics Deluxe



Poker Masters Classics Deluxe is a cover play, 5-cards draw Poker. This deluxe edition is for pros only, but the pay off is much bigger!

How to play

You'll get to select different game modes: Jacks or Better, Kings or Better, Deuce or Wild, Tens or Better and Bonus. Jacks or Better is the first stage, and you'll need to choose your bet to get started, which will be noted on the board. The higher your bet, the bigger your winnings. Raise your bet to the max with that Bet button! After that, you can request your first hand. Review your cards and choose the ones you wish to hold for the second hand. If you win, you'll get a prize, and you'll get to keep the cards you hold — afterwards, you'll be dealt new cards. How much will you win?

The bar up and center represents your level of experience and accumulated experience points — to the right, a display shows your total earnings. Check out that counter, so many coins!

Poker Rules
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