Rules of Crazy Seven

How to play Crazy Sevens



A slot machine where you try to gather 7s. 7s is what you want to line-up — you know, the lucky number! Just pull the lever and have fun!

How to play

Place your bet, that is, the coins that you will be paid when you win. When you click play, the images will start to spin. Your goal is to stop the images and make them line up in every row. If you do that, you'll get a prize determined by the images you lined up. Try and line up those 7s! But, wait, there are images of even higher value: the elusive four-leaf clover! Get 3 lines of four-leaf clover, and you'll get a huge payout! There are many different combinations of lines that will give you a reward, so you're almost guaranteed to get something.

How to play Slot Machines
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