Rules of Millionaires Bonolotto

How to play Millionaire Bonolotto



It's the Bonolotto, but with higher stakes: now you're playing with millions, making the game even more exciting to play! Bonolotto is the same old game of luck where you choose any combination of numbers. Then, during the draw, you can get prizes based on your bet.


Ready to become a millionaire? Then choose a combination of 6 numbers, + 1 more number known as complementary. When the draw time, indicated by the cool timer, reaches zero, the draw will take place.

How to play

Choose the numbers you want or generate a random ticket. You can buy as many tickets as you want. The draw will randomly choose a winning number. You can even check who were the past winners and how much they got! The prize obtained will increase as the correct numbers increase in your combination, until obtaining the prize of the pot, which will be distributed among the players who have the 6 numbers and the complementary. In the case that no one has the six numbers plus the complementary, the value of the prize will be added into the pot for the next draw.

How to play Bonolotto
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