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How to become a Master of Backgammon

How to become a Master of Backgammon

Do you enjoy board games like Backgammon? If so, we have prepared this article with some tips for you to discover how to become a master of Backgammon. Next, we are going to dive into different strategies and tricks so that you can become a true Backgammon professional. From early tactics to advanced moves, you’ll find everything you need to succeed in every game here.

Strategies to win in Backgammon

Backgammon is a fascinating board game that has been played for over 2,000 years and requires skill, cunning and strategy. Here are some key strategies to increase your chances of winning and discover how to become a master of Backgammon:

1. Learn the rules of the game

Before attempting to understand any strategy, it is essential to fully understand the rules of Backgammon. Make sure you know how to score, what moves you can make in each round, and how the winner of a match is determined. That way, you can make key decisions and make the most of every opportunity for victory that you may have.

2. Plan your moves

Backgammon is a game that requires strategy and in which every move counts. Before making a move, carefully evaluate all options and consider the possible consequences it may trigger. Planning your moves will help you maximize your winning chances and avoid unfavorable plays.

3. Take control fo the board

A very effective strategy in Backgammon is to take control of the board. Try to calculate your moves and protect your pieces, to avoid your opponent capturing them. Also, try to pay attention to your opponent’s moves to find patterns in their play style.

4. Understand openings and calculate your movements

Backgammon has a number of popular openings that you can use to establish a good position on the board. These openings allow you to control key points and have more strategic options throughout the game.

5. Use blocks

In the case of Backgammon, try to block your opponents while they are playing. It’s key, whenever possible, to block your opponent’s pieces so they can’t move freely. This can force your opponent to lose valuable turns or even leave tiles free.

Advanced strategies to discover how to become a master of Backgammon

Now that we’ve got you covered with the basic strategies, it’s time to explore some more advanced tactics to master Backgammon and find out how to become a master Backgammon to take your skills to the next level:

6. Anchor move

The main concept of the anchoring  is to establish one or more high points on the board close to the opponent’s home board. This gives you a solid strategic position and allows you to control your opponent’s move. Try setting an anchor at point 4 or 5, then build more high points as you go. Maintaining a solid anchor will allow you to thwart your opponent’s progress and increase your chances of capturing his tokens.

7. Seize the opportunity to capture pieces

Capturing your opponent’s pieces is the way to destabilize their game and gain an advantage. If you have the opportunity to capture an opponent’s tile, carefully assess whether it is strategically beneficial to do so. Sometimes it may be better to wait and shoot at a more opportune moment to make the most of the situation.

8. Handling the dice

The dice play a fundamental role in Backgammon, and knowing how to handle them properly is essential to winning. Learn to evaluate possible plays based on the numbers that come up on the dice. If you have options, consider which is the safest and most strategically beneficial. It is also important to take into account the distribution of your pieces on the board and how the results of the dice can affect your future moves.

9. Using the running game strategy

The running game strategy is based on quickly moving your pieces toward your home board and getting them off the board as soon as possible. This can be beneficial when you have a significant advantage in the game or when you are in a defensive position and want to prevent your chips from being captured. Assess whether the running strategy is right for the situation and adjust as necessary.

10. Practice and play frequently

Practice is key to getting better at any game, including Backgammon. Play regularly to familiarize yourself with the strategies and tactics that work best for you. The more you play, the more you will develop.



1. What is the history behind Backgammon?

de diferentes culturas, adoptando diferentes nombres y variaciones en cada región.

Backgammon has its roots in the ancient board game called “Tabula”, which was played in the Roman Empire over 2,000 years ago. Over the centuries, the game evolved and spread through different cultures, taking on different names and variations in each region.

2. How many player can participate in a game of Backgammon?

Backgammon is a board game designed for two players. It is played on a board divided into 24 triangles or points, and each player has 15 pieces that move along the board according to the numbers obtained by rolling two dice.

3. What is the objective of Backgammon?

The main objective of Backgammon is to be the first player to move all of their pieces into your home board and then bear them off. The board is divided into four areas: the starting triangle, the outer quadrant, the inner quadrant, and the final triangle. Each player has 15 tiles that are initially placed in their opponent’s starting triangle.

4. What is the best strategy to win Backgammon?

There is no certain strategy that guarantees victory, since Backgammon is influenced by factors such as the dice and the decisions of the opponents. However, some strategies are effective such as controlling the board, planning moves, using blocks strategically and adapting your game to the style of your opponents.

5. What is the difference between Backgammon and other board games?

Backgammon is distinguished by its unique game mechanics, where players try to capture checkers and free their own. Unlike other board games like Parcheesi or Dominoes, Backgammon has a specific board that doesn’t look like any other.

6. Where can I play Backgammon?

Backgammon can be played both online and in person. On our Torofun online gaming platform you will find a wide variety of games with which to have fun facing players from all over the world. Plus, you can host matches with friends and family at home for a fun and competitive experience. We also recommend that you take a look at another post on our blog titled “Playing your country’s favorite board game without knowing?” so you can discover more curiosities about this type of games.


Mastering Backgammon takes time, practice, and a solid understanding of the key strategies. From knowing the rules to planning your moves to adapting to your opponents, these strategies will help you improve your skills and increase your chances of winning. Remember, Backgammon is a game of strategy and cunning, so don’t hesitate to put these strategies into practice and explore new tactics to become a Backgammon master.

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