Rules of Pool Checkers

How to play Pool Checkers



Simple yet addictive! American Pool checkers, also called "American Pool", is a variant of draughts, the British name for checkers.

How to play

Just like in English draughts (checkers in America), you'll be playing on an 8x8 board. Your rival playing the dark pieces will start the game by making the first move. One difference from the rules of draughts is that a piece may capture both forward and backward. You must capture an opponent's checker when possible (both forward and backward), but, if two possibilities exist, you may choose the sequence (even if one sequence has more jumps). Note that you can't capture an opponent more than one time, and you can't capture your own pieces.

The king is one of the most important pieces of the game: a king can jump any number of squares forward and backwards, make right turns after a jump and continue along another path after successfully taking an opponent.

Pool Checkers Rules
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