Rules of Russian Draughts

How to play Russian Draughts



A new form of draughts played in Russia (surprising, we know!). Get ready for an intense, cold battle like the ones you find in Tetris!.

How to play

The usual rules for draughts apply to Russian Draughts: it's played by two people, on opposite sides of a playing board, alternating moves. One player has dark pieces, and the other has light pieces. These pieces move diagonally, and pieces of the opponent are captured by jumping over them.

The particular rules of Russian Draughts are as following:

- It's played on an 8×8 board with alternating dark and light squares.

- Each player starts with 12 pieces, and the player with white pieces moves first.

- There are two kinds of pieces: "men" and "kings". Men move forward diagonally, and kings move backwards as well as forwards.

- If the adjacent square contains an opponent's piece, and the square immediately beyond it is vacant, the opponent's piece may be captured by jumping over it. Jumping can be done forward and backwards. Please note that jumping is mandatory, so you'll have to do it even if you don't want to. You can choose where to land after the capture.

- A player with no valid move remaining loses. A game is a draw if neither opponent has the possibility to win the game.

Russian Draughts Rules
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